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Rental conditions for winter sports equipment

  1. The renter is fully responsible for the rented sports equipment. The sports equipment may not be passed on to third parties.
  2. The renter must produce an official photo ID (passport, identity card or driver's license) and agrees that a copy of this document will be made or that the document will be stored in our system. The official photo ID must be valid.
  3. By signing the rental form, the renter confirms the correctness of his personal data, which is used for professional electronic binding adjustment in accordance with ÖNORM ISO 11088. The lessee may not change the binding settings made by the lessor on his own authority. The rental form (=invoice) is important and the tenant must therefore have access to it at all times.
  4. No liability is assumed for accidents of any kind.
  5. The rental price is to be paid at the beginning of the rental period and is valid for consecutive days.
  6. The rental material is insured against breakage for a nominal fee of 10% of the rental price (not included in the rental price). Wear and tear caused by normal use is included in the rental price. The renter is liable for damage caused by careless use.
  7. The lessee must ensure that he stores the sports equipment in such a way that confusion or theft is prevented.
  8. The tenant is liable for lost rental items.
  9. In the event of theft, 100% of the current sales value will be charged and the renter must report this to the responsible security authority within 24 hours. Important for this are the rental slip and the serial number of the ski.
  10. Faking theft and insurance fraud is not a trivial offense. This will be reported and prosecuted.
  11. If the rental devices are returned before 9:00 a.m., the current calendar day will not be charged. If rented after 3:00 p.m., the rental price will only be charged from the following calendar day.
  12. In the event of injury or illness, the sports equipment must be returned to Alpinschiverleih Zillertal-Fügen GmbH immediately and a medical certificate must be submitted. In this case, the unused rental price will be refunded from the day of return. (Note the right of return)
  13. If the sports equipment cannot be used as a result of unfavorable weather or other disabilities, the rental price paid will not be refunded.
  14. The renter has the option of switching to another piece of sports equipment. The following points must be observed and the following applies: - Exchange only with the prior agreement of an employee at the cash desk: If sports equipment from a higher category is selected, the surcharge according to the current price list must be paid. When exchanging skis for snowboards, as well as when changing from snowboards to skis, a surcharge must also be paid.
  15. The place of performance for services and payments is Alpinschi rental Zillertal-Fügen GmbH in 6263 Fügen, Pankrazbergstraße 50. The place of jurisdiction is Innsbruck Regional Court.

Status November 1, 2015

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